Teacher Training

Teresa offers private training for yoga teachers and others who feel called to teach Tantra. You may sign up for 1-4 hours per week, or 1-2 weekends per month. It is important to have enough time to delve into your Tantric studies. Each program is tailored for the student’s level, I-IV. This program is geared for one-on-one coaching, though Teresa’s periodically offers group classes online. Beginners taking Level I will survey the various schools of Tantra to help them assess which philosophy best blends with their temperament and vision for teaching.

Level II Teacher Training goes into depth in the particular school of Tantra which you have chosen: White, Pink, Red, Black, or Grey. You may focus on rituals and other tantric practices to deepen your understanding of this ancient yoga.

Level III begins to support you as you work with clients. It is advised to not promote yourself as a teacher prematurely, therefore, when people what you do, you may say that you are studying Tantra Yoga, or even that you are a Tantra Teacher in Training, however, it works best if you do not advertise your skills just yet. Work with the Laws of Attraction and allow people to reach out to you for your wisdom.

Level IV is an intensive training with a retreat and special project to refine your understanding of Tantra: you may write a book, lead a retreat, implement a campaign to a school, work with an existing organization, or simply cultivate your professional practice.

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