WOMENYour Feminine Radiance, Dating Him for Keeps, The Emerging Goddess Journey, Goddess Bliss, Goddess Handbook, Goddess Rising, Goddess Wisdom

MENEvolving the Masculine, Loving the Feminine, Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

COUPLES COACH – CoCreating, Female Led Relationship, FLR Tantra, Path to the Beloved: Relationship Spiritual Practice (Bhakti Tantra), Evolving Ecstasy: Tantra for Couples; Angels Rising: Advanced Techniques for Spiritual Lovers

DATING COACH – Awakened Singles, Chivalry Singles, Dating for Keeps, Executive Dating Coach, Society of Spiritual Singles on FB, SoCal Spiritual Singles, Tantra Singles, Yoga Singles

GODDESS LIFESTYLE – Bhakti Tantra, Emerging Goddess Journey, Goddess Bliss, Sacred Feminine & Masculine Archetypes,



FILM TV – Angels Rising TV, Cosmic Angel TV, Mermaid & Her Man TV, Visionary Portals TV, Un Monde et Moi, Voices, Yin Tide Film

MUSIC – Goddess Shimmer, Solace, Stars for Ayla, Tarvina

MEMAID ENTERTAINMENT – Mermaid & Her Man, How to Be a Real Mermaid, Maui Mermaid Tribe



LIFE SKILLS – Leadership Skills, Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Social Networking

LIFESTYLE CHOICES – Eco Luxury HQ, Ecstatic Lifestyles, French Ideas, Cultural Creatives

WELLNESS – Essential Well-Being, Creating Sacred Space, Eco Pers Care – Fragrance, Massage Supplies, Skincare, Ecstatic Dance, Essential Oils, Feng Shui, Foxhaven Center, Fragrant Garden, Goddess Emporium, Law of Attraction, Personal Aesthetics, Rejuve HQ, Rose Petal Emporium, Shaman Therapy, Spa Yoga Retreats, Sweet Rose Sanctuary, Work-Life Balance, Yoga Life

CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION – Acting, Art, Arts & Technology, Poetry, Voice

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT – Angel Reiki Chakra Balancing, How to Meditate, Spiritual Healing & Readings, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being

ACTIVISM – Cultural Creatives, Elder Hug, Ocean Conservancy, Safety for Women



TAF – Songwriter, Model, Producer, Director, Screenwriter



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