Bhakti Tantra

When we love from the Heart, we become One with the Divine Love of the Universe. Bhakti Tantra is taught to couples and individuals who want to balance their chakras, activate their Rainbow Body, raise their vibrational frequency, and attract a higher love relationship into their experience, whether they are single or already in a relationship. Bhakti Tantra Relationship Coaching is very helpful to resolve conflicts, re-build trust, and raise self-esteem. Guided meditation, essential oils, Reiki, and other holistic modalities are included in their Tantric Sessions. All sessions are non-sexual and are done fully clothed.

There are many branches of yoga. Hatha is said to have developed to help support Tantra Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is practiced with singing, dancing, poetry, and heart-centered practices of love & devotion. This fills your heart with such joy & laughter! You can appreciate the many manifestations of Creation: from sunrise to sunset and back again! The Sun, Stars, Moon, Ocean, Mountains, Valleys, Fields of Flowers, Forests, even deserts, all of Creation can lift up your heart to fall in Love with Life. And from that Joy, from the Love of Life, you can share such joy with your Beloved.

As you find that Divine Light within your Heart, you can better reveal it in your Beloved’s Heart. Loving each other, heart-to-heart, is the most sustainable Love there is.