Tantra Teacher

Teresa has been teaching tantra to couples for many, many years. She was introduced to it by an astrologer she found when she was just 18 years old, to give her a Life Direction Consultation. He instructed her to study Tantra Yoga. She had begun studying Hatha Yoga at age 9, and started teaching it at age 17, while still in high school. Her first birthday during her freshman year of college was that visit to the astrologer. She wondered if this is why her Third Eye had been opened when she was just a 4-year old girl. Was this why so many people were drawn to her for advice & understanding?

By the time she graduated college, she had a path cleared for her spiritual journey to expand her vision of what could be. She next became a pain relief counselor for back specialist from M.I.T., helping patients manage symptoms and navigating difficult emotions. A few years later, she was helping people with their relationship issues. Her meditations always guiding her what to do next, she now has helped so many people from many, many countries and backgrounds. She is currently accepting new clients though is usually booked weeks in advance. Teresa says, “We have an unprecedented opportunity in the 21st Century to express at our highest human potential.”

Today, Teresa works with people by phone or sessions with couples, or yoga retreats near & far.

Please contact her here for more information.


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