Schools of Tantra


Like many schools of thought or philosophy, Tantra has a variety of ideologies and protocols. So, to begin, survey the various styles of Tantra to determine your path forward. There are many styles; the most well-known are Red Tantra, White Tantra, Black Tantra, Grey Tantra and now Pink Tantra. Each has its primary focus:

White Tantra: “Right Hand” practice is mostly individual practice which begins with bodywork and breathing exercises. The aim is to purify the body, mind, heart & soul. Mantras, mudras, yantras (mandalas) are incorporated into this practice. Kundalini, the awakening of deep-seated, activating consciousness ignites the higher chakras. Breathing in White Light is a common technique for practitioners to align with their expanding awareness. White Tantra tends to refrain from orgasmic release, but rather encourages building up orgasmic energy to be channeled in good works, creative arts, and loving kindness. The quest is to transcend ego desires and explore divine realms.

Red Tantra: “Left Hand” practice focuses on partnership. Releasing repressive conditioning is paramount as you explore your ecstatic potential. The dynamic of male-female polarity has the potential of elevating your & your beloved to the embodiment of Oneness. Reverent rituals are directed toward honoring the Divine Embodiment within each partner. Multi-chakra relationships are essential for success. Extended periods of arousal have profound benefits.

Pink Tantra: “Both Hands” can be practiced alone or with a partner. Breathing, sensory awareness, self-acceptance, loving, heart-connecting with partner; these are some of the meditations which help you progress spiritually. Chakra balancing, integration of knowledge and experience, transcendence of the mundane, and evening rituals to increase ecstatic potential are also helpful. Pink Tantricas engage in sexual embraces to awaken their higher consciousness, but maintain focus on the Heart Chakra.

Black Tantra: This secretive practice focuses on developing one’s mastery of self and the world around you. Combining the intention with sex magic rituals help to manifest desires in the 3rd dimension. Practitioners are cautioned to use their power wisely. Manifesting desires in and of itself is only so gratifying. To walk peacefully in the world is a higher calling. Building community and a happy home require on-going devotion. Black Tantra includes ejaculation of semen. Many associate Black Tantra with over-indulgence of emotions and lust.

Grey Tantra: Combines the sex magic of Black Tantra with the quest for higher consciousness of White Tantra, sometimes including orgasm and/or ejaculation. Practitioners of Grey Tantra blend the practices of both sex magic and higher consciousness. Grey practices may advise to limit sexual activity to once a week or once a month, to build up the kundalini energy for cosmic insights.