Tantra Meditations

What is Tantra Yoga?

It is said that thousands of years ago, Tantra arose out of a desire to honor the Great Mother who brings Life, both human, in orchards, on farms, and the strength of communities.

Sacred texts were written in Sanskit, in India. “The Tantras” refer to these texts. In these texts, instructions are contained for physical exercises (Hatha Yoga), chanting (Mantras), breathing exercises (Pranayama), hand gestures (Mudras), and related techniques; all to improve one’s health, wealth, and happiness.

Buddha, who was from India, purportedly said, “Tantra is the fastest path to Enlightenment, but the most arduous.” Practitioners of Tantra Yoga will encounter challenges to their inner peace and well-being as they encounter the pitfalls of lust, greed, and vices.

Nevertheless, Tantra, when practiced well, will open doors of perception by engaging your consciousness and accessing universal forces of infinite love & well-being. By focusing on subtle energies, and your subtle bodies, your emotional body, your auric field, your chakras, etc., you will mature spiritually. This spiritual awakening and ensuing development will assist you to transmute dense energies of heavy emotions and traumas.

Attunement with universal energies, like good chi, prana, life force, infinite compassion, higher intelligence, and creative visualization will help you navigate your life journey with more grace & dignity. By cultivating a daily spiritual practice, such as meditation, walking in Nature, service to others, cleaning your house, holistic dancing, or some such activity, or non-activity, you will attain increasing levels of self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-realization.

Connecting the dots between your inner center and the center of the Universe, is a wonderful practice for personal empowerment. When we “align with the Divine”, we let go of our small-minded tendencies and expand our consciousness to comprehend a broad perspective of who we really are and what our lives can really be.

Tantra Yoga includes various rituals to deepen one’s presence and understanding of the Infinite & Eternal wisdom of the Divine Consciousness. Rituals help us discover a mindfulness meditation of being present and embodying our full potential as human beings; we are somewhere between animals and angels.