Female Led Tantra

When we allow women to guide the flow of intimacy, when a man can pace himself to her rhythms, ecstasy ensues.

FLR Tantra means Female Led Tantra

FLR Tantra combines feminine leadership with the yoga of love. Today, many men want to better understand what their partners need and want to be happy in their relationships. FLR began as a way to simplify couples’ lives by addressing the 5 Food Groups of Domestic Harmony between partners: Finances, Household Chores, Leisure Activities, Life Direction, & Sex. Some couples want to share decision-making, some want the man to make such decision and some want women to demonstrate leadership in these areas.


What works for you in your relationship? Have you tried to address these areas more consciously?


Tantra began thousands of years ago as a spiritual practice to help individuals and couples attain greater well-being and inner peace. Tantra helps you live a more fulfilling life by helping you awaken your senses and become more cognizant of everyday sights, smells, flavors, textures, and other sensory perception. But this is just a little part of Tantric philosophy. Hatha Yoga was purportedly created to make Tantra easier, making the body stronger & more flexible for lovemaking.


Female Led Tantra is a program which focuses on Honoring the Feminine since so many women express difficulty in their relationships, emotionally, sexually, and logistically. FLR Tantra will teach you how to resolve conflict, rebuild trust, deepen your bond, and have a more fulfilling love life. We offer classes, workshops and retreats for singles and couples who are ready to listen feminine sensibilities and delight in their ecstatic potential.


Coaching by phone program available for men and women wanting to learn the wisdom of Female Led Relationship Tantra.

Classes, Workshops & Retreats available.

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