Transmuting Negative Energy

2020 was definitely one for the history books. Many people are still taking a deep dive into the fallout from last year! What seems to have begun in 2019 is still have a major impact on everyone almost two years later. This is similar to what happens to us when we undergo profound changes in our living situation, relationship, profession, finances, or health. While we need to give ourselves time to grieve, process any denial, fear, or anger, we must do so to regain access to our rational intelligence as well as our intuitive genius.

There are many techniques and every person much find what works for them at any given juncture. Counseling, coaching, meditation, singing, dancing, socializing, travel, work, nature, mantras, mantras, mudras, service, gardening, film, music, getting some good body work, prayer, and so many others. Any of these can be your gateway to inner peace. Trust your flow while aligning with a higher intelligence. Living in the moment does not mean living for the moment.

Being present to what is, what has been, and what might become is like playing 3-Tier Chess. It’s fun, once you get the hang of it. What seems imperative is cultivating an on-going spiritual practice to help keep you connected to Source Energy so that you feel the expansiveness of infinite possibilities in any moment. While you do well to indulge yourself in whatever you may be feeling, you will do better to keep feeling your forward.

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