Tantra Coaching Packages

Tantra Yoga today is gaining more respect. Too often, Tantra Yoga Workshops were like free-for-all orgies, with a lot of people traumatized by sexual abuse histories. The history of Tantra is as old as Yoga itself, with meditation, physical conditioning, cultivating focus, and balancing energy centers were initially developed.

I’ve been walking a Tantric path since my first year of college, when an astrologer read my chart & declared it my Life’s mission to study & eventually teach Tantra Yoga to people. I now recognize its potential to reduce the divorce rate, if people are willing to slow down enough, and meditate together, speak from the heart, and consciously co-create a Life they love, for a mutually fulfilling relationship.

Below, I’ve written out the Coaching Programs I offer, by phone or in-person. These coaching programs are for men and women who wish to learn how to create sacred space, and deepen their awareness of Love as a spiritual practice, as well as explore their aspirations & fantasies together.

Tantra Yoga has the ability to change brain chemistry, often relieving depression, anxiety, boredom, anger issues, insomnia, and other disruptions to living a happy, wholesome, prosperous, and healthy life.

Weekly sessions are ideal, or at least every two weeks, as you learn new techniques, and test new realities. Located in North County Coastal San Diego, in an ocean view townhouse, you can study with me in person or by phone. Note: Clothing required at all times.


Tantra Yoga: Love as Spiritual Practice




Private Consultations

  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Tantra Dating Coach
  • Tantric Couples Coaching


Phone Calls

  • Intro: Shiva & Shakti
  • Tantric Breathwork & Meditations
  • Shiva Shakti Coaching
  • Communing with the Divine


Weekend Retreats

  • Deepening Your Divine Presence
  • Ejaculation Control & Feminine Ecstasy
  • Angels Rising: Shiva Shakti Intensive
  • Nyasa Puja: Honoring the Feminine
  • Shiva Puja: Honoring the Masculine



  • Bhakti Festival Summer
  • Tantra Retreat in Hawaii


Online Shopping

  • Eco Luxury FLR Styles
  • Eco Fragrance & Essential Oils
  • Love Toys


$125/hr = Private Consultation

$288 = 3-Hr Afternoon or Evening Workshop

$788 = Private Weekend Retreat / 8Hrs of Coaching

$1188 = 3-Month Plan / 12Hrs of Coaching

$2288  = 6-Month Plan / 24Hrs of Coaching

$3388 = 9-Month Intensive / 36Hrs of Coaching

$6888 = 9-Month Teachers Training  / 72Hrs



Paypal (EvolvingEcstasy@Gmail.com),

Square, Cash, Venmo Apps (Teresa Ann Foxworthy)


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